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        I started to love photography through


        reportage, traveling and telling stories ..

        And so it was born then, my second adventure in wedding photography ..
        In my life the word


        and its feeling, always very conditioned me a lot and was more than anything in my path..

        Emotions overwhelm me more than anything else and that is why I decided to devote my work to telling stories that talk about emotions  and what is more powerful and true than telling love.

        I deal with reportage,

        I speak of true feelings through my photographs ..

        There is nothing fake built, there are no poses ..

        I love spontaneity,

        and that’s what I try to tell when couples choose me as their photographer..

        I put my whole self in every story that I tell, I get emotional, I get emotional…

        Every wedding is a new adventure for me ..

        I will tell your love on tiptoe,

        in silence but always close to you..

        I will capture every smile, every hug, every tear … the toasts and the laughter..

        I will photograph you and your love..

        We will tell a story, yours!
        And we will do it together,

        you just have to trust me ..


        • 2014 Honorable Mention Le Prix de la Photographie, Paris
        • 2014 Honorable Mention ND AWARD –  Wedding Story
        • 2015 Honorable Mention  ND AWARD – FINE ART
        • 2015 Honorable Mention ND AWARD –  Wedding Story
        • 2016 Art Residency with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Centro Camera per la Fotografia Italiana,  Italy


        • 2010  Lab+Loft25, Torino
        • 2010  Fondazione Dante Alighieri, Berlino DE
        • 2010  Castello del Valentino, Torino IT 
        • 2012  Pretty Portal Gallery, Dusseldorf  DE
        • 2012  Galo Art Gallery, Torino IT
        • 2013  Stroke Art Fair, Munchen
        • 2013  Allegra la Viola Gallery, New York USA
        • 2013  “Shoot For The Moon”, Wynwood Embassy, Miami FL
        • 2014  “Miami Marine Stadium Fall Benefit Exhibit, Gregg Shienbaum, Miami FL


        • 2016 Reflexions, Camera – Centro italiano per la Fotografia, Torino (IT)
        • 2016, Reflexions, Collettiva fotografica con Alex Webb       Sala Mostre Piazza Castello, Torino (IT) 
        • 2016 Reflexions, Roma (IT)
        • 2016 Reflexions, La Morra (IT)
        • 2016 Jazz Festivall, esposizione all’aperto, Torino (IT)
        • 2016  “Street Sans frontiere”, Parigi (FR)
        • 2016  “Street Art Volant”, Museo della Scrittura Torino (IT)